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(1) you experienced or witnessed death,
injury, or threat to yourself or others.   
(2) you felt fear, helplessness, or horror.
B. You keep reliving it, like any of these:
(1)  Repeated, intrusive, distressing  memories
(3)  Flashbacks
(4)  Psychological distress
(5)  Physical reactions
C. You feel numb, you avoid things, like 3 or more of these:
(1)  you avoid thoughts, feelings, conversations about it.
(2)  you avoid activities, places, people that remind you of it.
(3)  your memory of it has blanks.
(4)  you're not as interested in things, don't participate much any more.
(5)  you feel detached or estranged from people.
(6)  you have less emotions or none, for example can't feel loving.
(7)  you don't expect a career, marriage, children, or normal life span.
D. You're over-alert, like 2 or more of these:
(1)  you can't sleep or you can't stay asleep.
(2)  you're irritable or you explode with anger.
(3)  you can't concentrate.
(4)  you're extremely aware of things, easily startled.
E. The stuff in B, C, D
(above) has been going
on for over a month.
You're significantly distressed
and you're not functioning
well socially or on your job or
other important areas of life.
Also: the doc should note Chronic or With Delayed Onset, like this:
Chronic = has this been going on for 3+ months?
With Delayed Onset = did this start 6+ months after the event?
Over-alert might feel something like this-

"You know when you're sitting on a chair
& you lean back so you're just on two
legs, then you lean too far & you almost
fall over but at the last second you catch
yourself? I feel like that all the time."