How do I find a doctor?
A family doctor is a good place to begin, or a
hospital or clinic. You want a doctor experienced
with PTSD. The doctor might refer you to a
psychiatrist or psychologist, and maybe prescribe
a medication  to help you in the meantime.
How do I find a therapist?

There are so many kinds! A psychologist (M.A. or  Ph.D. in Psych.) specializing  in PTSD
would be good.
You could get a referral from your doctor, hospital, or clinic. Sometimes a
friend can refer you. Try your Community Centre or Counseling Centre at school.
What does a doctor do?
Diagnose more & Prescribe more
and make an appointment
for follow-up.
Should I ask my
friends at work?

Bad idea, in my experience.
People will hear about it -
who needs the gossip!

Also, when the boss finds
out, you will become a "difficult"
employee. No  matter if  you're
the best and you've been there
the longest, employers want
happy, healthy employees.

Try to keep up appearances
as long  as possible.
What does a therapist do?
The first time, the therapist will try to get to know
you and your background. Some  people are
disappointed if the first session is only about that.
Nothing scary happens, not that I've ever heard
about anyway. During this first interview, you will find
out if you are comfortable with this therapist - if not,
please try to get another as soon as possible.
How is PTSD treated?
With medication and therapy. more
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