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Living a More Considered Life

© 2009 by James Hollis, PhD
"A so-called nervous breakdown is the flooding of the psyche
by an overwhelming onslaught of experience, especially
experience discordant with ego expectations. Post-traumatic
stress disorder, of which we hear much today, is a flooding of
psychic resources by a traumatically overwhelming level of
volts of experience. The flashbacks, somatic symptoms, or
panic attacks of PTSD are a periodic breakdown of psyche’s
resources by reactivation of that overwhelming affect. All of us
have our limitations, and life can and will overwhelm them
from time to time. When one has a supportive circle, the
compassion rather than the derision of other, or linkage to
transcendent experience, one recovers a map of the world
and reorients one’s journey sooner. Many find that the map
by which they orient their lives now has to be larger and
include more than seemed necessary theretofore. Most of us
knit and heal, and sometimes are even stronger for the
breaking, and some of us cannot."
Used with permission of the author October 18, 2010.