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  Hi, all -

            You'd expect that relief from depression would feel
    good, wouldn't you? Sometimes it does. But other times,
    feeling good comes *after* our first reaction, which is
    feeling very depressed, even suicidal. Feeling better
    kicks in later.
             The key word here is "sometimes" - not every
    time. If it happens to you, call your doctor right away.
    Adjusting the dosage might help. And remember: I'm
    *not* a doctor!
            I've been reading about this sort of thing with anti-
    depressants. And I've seen it happen in life situations,
    when somebody escapes from dreadful living conditions.
    First they crash. After a time, they feel good.
            I have an idea about why this happens. Suppose
    you're leaning against a wall, holding it up. Then
    somebody moves the wall. You're using all your strength
    to resist something that isn't there any more - so you go
    flying and crash. I don't know if this is how it works, but
    maybe it's a reasonable analogy.
                                           (who is *not* a doctor!)
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