What is panic?
Panic = intense fear.
Panic Attack = panic +4 or more Symptoms.
Panic Attack Syndrome = chronic panic attacks.
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Panic isn't necessarily hysterical behavior
or losing control. Fear doesn't always
show, and neither does panic. Some
people train themselves to seem "normal".
They might even believe they are "normal".
I thought everybody felt like I did.
I hid my feelings very well.
That's good up to a point, but it
blocked me from getting help,
and it created misunderstandings.
A word about being "normal."
Having PTSD from untreated
is normal. If you went
through all that without trauma,
you'd have to be a robot.
"It is no measure of health to
be well adjusted to a
profoundly sick society."
©ptsdinfo.net 2006