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What's PTSD?

Trauma. Something awful happened - maybe once, maybe often. You were traumatized. Trauma doesn't go away by itself - either it gets treated immediately or it stays and wrecks your life. PTSD is trauma that wasn't treated immediately. Some people don't even know they've got PTSD until their life falls apart.

PTSD Symptoms



What Should I Do?

Get help, now! It can be hard to make the calls and visit the doctors and therapists. Sometimes it almost seems like you need to be healthy to have the energy and money to get the help that sick people need. Do it anyway! You can - and must - get help!

What Is PTSD



When will I be better?

It's hard to say. Do you mean all better? It can be two steps forward and one back. There will be discouraging times. But you can heal. Don't give up! PTSD isn't like a broken arm, where the docs can say exactly when you'll be better. Recovery is a process.

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  • IR and PT

    A breakthrough in health rehabiliation.. Radiologist experts at IYA Medical and Control Physical Therapy play an important role in pain management and whole body rehabilitation in North Scottsdale, Arizona. IYA's interventional radiologists can help treat various cancers as well with the visual guidance of IR.

  • Post Traumatic Stress OrderPregnancy and PTSD
  • PTSD and Pregnancy

    Understanding post traumatic stress disorder before, during or post-pregnancy is important as it can be treated in a various ways. Dr. Malaki Obstetrician-Gynecologist of Phoenix, talks on how OBGYN's may provide trauma-related care and a trusting environment.

OK, when will life become Tolerable?

When the proper medication kicks in (you might have to try 1 or 2 first) and when you've begun to sort things out with a therapist. Stick with it - it's worth it!

When will my life get back to normal?

I wish with all my heart that there could be a way to make things as if nothing had ever happened. But you have to create a new "normal." Not the same, a different life from what you had. You can build a life that you enjoy. Please try!

You Need Two Kinds of Help

Partnering with Veterans CBD

CBD oil has many benefits known to help with PSTD. Veterans CBD Oil has offered our veterans 20% off all of their medical grade CBD Oil. They have all different quantities (1000mg, 2000mg, 10,000mg, etc) so figure out which one works best for you. Check out their CBD Oils here..

PTSD Information

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