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Anxiety Management
Decrease Caffeine
Decrease caffeine – note the word “decrease” – don’t go all over perfectionist and cut
your caffeine intake to zero all at once. You’ll only give yourself an awful headache.
Just cut back, that’s something you can do without any preparation or soul searching.
Try having half a cup instead a whole one. Maybe substitute a lower form of
caffeine. Or if decreasing caffeine is too difficult right now, don't kick
yourself. Look at the other options. Come back to it later and try again. There
will be something somewhere that you can do to lower your stress levels.
If you decide to cut back on caffeine (an excellent choice!), do it casually. Don’t
clench your fists and your jaw and grind your teeth and think, “I will now skip
my 10 o’clock cup of coffee, even if it kills me, which it probably will, you’d
think I don’t suffer enough now I have to give up my coffee …” Whoa!
Coffee, 8 oz.
brewed - 100 mg caffeine
instant - 70 mg caffeine
decaf - 1-5 mg caffeine
Caffeine - the usual suspects: coffee, tea, cola, chocolate.
Tea, 8 oz.
green tea - 20 mg caffeine
Cola, 12 oz. can
Coke - 34 mg caffeine
Pepsi - 38 mg caffeine
Chocolate, 1 oz
dark choc. - 20 mg caffeine
milk choc. - 6 mg caffeine