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Call  your doctor or your pharmacist for info re medication.
Generic name

Brand name


Target symptoms

Depression e.g. changes in appetite, sleep habits, mind/body coordination;
decreased sex drive, increased fatigue, feelings of guilt or worthlessness,
difficulty concentrating, slowed thinking, suicidal thoughts.

MAOI, cyproheptadine, dextromethorphan, fenfluramine,
l-tryptophan, phenothiazines (eg, thioridazine),
sibutramine, or St. John's wort
Possible side effects (call doctor)

Change in sexual function; constipation; decreased appetite; dizziness;
drowsiness; dry mouth; increased sweating; nausea; nervousness; tremor;
weakness; weight loss, allergic reactions (rash; hives; difficulty breathing;
tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); blurred
vision; high blood pressure; mental or mood changes; new or worsening
agitation, anxiety, panic attacks, aggressiveness, impulsiveness,
irritability, hostility, sleeplessness, exaggerated feeling of well being, or
inability to sit still; seizures; severe or persistent headache or dizziness;
thoughts of hurting yourself or other people; worsening depression.
Medication sometimes prescribed in the treatment of PTSD - Venlafaxine